Monster Killing Movies

To say that Steven Spielberg’s Jaws is an iconic film is a massive understatement. After the film was released in 1975 it spiked two major changes: that summer, the number of beach-goers was reduced significantly. Also, after the film’s release, there was a massive increase in the number of great white shark huntings. So aside from proving the point that Hollywood can drive an entire species into the endangered list; Jaws has proven that with a well written script and excellent cinematography, movies can really change the world around us.

The First Bite

Based on a bestselling novel, Jaws (in retrospect) is a part-slasher-flick, part-Moby-Dick allegory. The film depicts sharks as cold, calculating, and ever vicious hunters, and in particular, heavily paints the great white shark as a malicious killer. While this is not exactly true in real life (the chances of getting killed by a shark on the beach is so low, you might as well try getting murdered by another human instead -since that is far more likelier to happen).

Of course, real life statistics have little to do with the silver screen, and with Spielberg’s expert hands and direction, the film took on a life of its’ own. Painting the world with deep characters, a thrilling premise, and an antagonist so menacing that even without dialogue, the shark’s presence alone chews up the whole scenery.

The general story is that a small beach town is left unaware of the threat of a shark due to the mayor’s interference. However, as the attacks get more frequent, the local sheriff teams up with a shark hunter and a biological expert in order to bring down the shark. Of course, you can imagine how many scary shark attacks happen from the start of the film till the very end. We will not be spoiling the film’s ending, but in our honest opinion, it was pretty anti-climactic – you’d probably satisfying those blood spilling and thrilling out of controlling your shark in these games – or the official jaws revenge game for android and iphones. The good thing is that you would have been at the edge of your seat for most of the film that you may actually appreciate the breather.

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