The Evil Dead 2

The Evil Dead - a Campy horror film that's a work of love by Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell -it is pretty much the granddaddy of all slasher films and is one of the most iconic ‘abandoned cabin in a forest' style horror movies.In this film, Ash and his friends stay at a cabin in the woods, uncover a strange basement with even stranger things, and then end up unintentionally unleashing the wrath of the undead upon the world.Read More

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  • Piranha 3D Movie

    Killer fish wreaking unfettered havoc on a coastal area swarming with largely unclothed teenagers? Sounds like the plot to almost every killer-fish B-Movie ever devised, right? Said description hits the nail on the head in the same way that Piranha 3D manages to target its audience with pinpoint accuracy. So what if you won't find science confirming then nitty-gritty details or reasoning behind an underwater earthquake releasing a swarm of a type of Piranha that was thought to be extinct? What matters is the fact that this film has been made for the kind of audience that is willing to forgo the formality of logic for the reward of nudity & violence in equal measure, & with a spoonful of characters-learning-a-little-bit-about-themselves-&-their-friends to sweeten the deal.

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    The irony is hard to miss: the zombie fandom is well and alive in the heart of all media. From TV, to games, to comics; we have seen the undead anyone and everyone around the most ill fated (or insanely lucky) protagonists, as the audience we are just dying for more...

  • Jaws: A Tale of Driving People Out of the Beaches and Into the Theaters

    To say that Steven Spielberg’s Jaws is an iconic film is a massive understatement. After the film was released in 1975 it spiked two major changes: that summer, the number of beach-goers was reduced significantly. Jaws has proven that with a well written script and excellent cinematography, movies can really change the world around us...